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INSOL 901, 902 |
Multiphase level meters
INSOL 901 and 902 designed to monitor and control the levels of multiphase liquids in various technological devices and containers.
Simplicity of design and the possibility of remote configuration help to minimize costs and maintenance time.

  • INSOL 901 level gauges have the function of measuring of the emulsion layer thickness between oil and formation water.
  • INSOL 902 level gauges have the function of measuring of the oil dielectric constant.
INSOL 901, 902
Multiphase level meters with emulsion layer measurement
Metrological and physical characteristics
Description of the device
  • Fill level error: +/-3 mm

  • Emulsion Level Accuracy: +/- 15 mm

  • Error in “clean water” level: +/- 50 mm (not verified)

  • Dynamics of oil stratification (settlement coefficient) % (not verified)
  • Flange size: DN50-DN200

  • Flange material: Stainless Steel

  • Flexible waveguide length: from 2,000 – 12,000

  • Rigid waveguide length: from 700 – 2000

  • Explosion protection: Exd housing

  • Temperature: -50.. +70 C
Functional characteristics
  • Built-in WEB: General settings, viewing archives

  • Built-in FTP server for up to 6 months: Reading daily archives, with a recording frequency of 1-10 minutes

  • Modbus TCP: Integration into automated process control systems

  • RS-485/ COM1/ Modbus RTU/ Slave: Integration into process control systems
  • RS-485/ COM2/Modbas RTU/ Master: Control of drives, other mechanisms

  • 4..20 mA: Integration into process control systems

  • Input: DI: 2.4.. 20mA+24v

  • Ethernet/PoDL

  • OLED 2" display: Basic parameters, network settings changing
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