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INSOL 903 | Automatic in-line moisture meter
Automatic in-line moisture meter for oil and petroleum products. Designed for use in the oil treatment before refining, as well as in post-control systems for product quality.
Simplicity of design and the possibility of remote configuration help minimize costs and maintenance time.
Automatic in-line moisture meter
Metrological and physical characteristics
Device Description
  • Measuring range: 0-100%

  • Measurement error at humidity 0-50%: 1%

  • Measurement error at humidity 50-100%: 1.5%

  • Dynamics of oil stratification (settlement coefficient) % (not verified)
  • Connection: G2 threaded connection

  • Sensing element length: 250 mm

  • Explosion protection: Exd housing

  • Temperature: -50.. +70 C
Functional characteristics
  • Built-in WEB: General settings, viewing archives

  • Built-in FTP server for up to 6 months: Reading daily archives, with a recording frequency of 1-10 minutes

  • Modbus TCP: Integration into automated process control systems

  • RS-485/ COM1/ Modbus RTU/ Slave: Integration into process control systems
  • RS-485/ COM2/Modbas RTU/ Master: Control of drives, other uses. mechanisms

  • 4..20 mA: Integration into process control systems

  • Input: DI: 2.4.. 20mA+24v

  • Ethernet/PoDL

  • OLED 2" display: Basic parameters, network settings changing
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