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INSOL 905 | Interface modules
Interface modules for integration into an overall control system
General characteristics
  • Entrance/exit: 8, 4..20 mA +24v

  • Functional purpose: connecting universal sensors 4.20 ma

  • Explosion protection: case Exia output

  • Power supply: POE 802 at 48v
  • Web functionality:
· Built-in Web-server
· Built-in FTP-server
· Archive settings

· Network protocols:
· Modbus TCP protocol up to 3 clients
· Insol NET interaction protocol between all Insol 90x devices

  • HMI:
· OLED 2 indication
· Network settings
configure and access passwords
INSOL 905 interface modules allow connection and integration of field instruments and actuators into a control system via Ethernet.

  • Reduction of cable load of a Process Plants
  • Significant reduction in time and costs for installation and commissioning work
  • Reducing the metal consumption of cable-supporting structures
  • Industrial protocols support
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