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INSOL MC30 | Media converter
Ethernet 10 / 10BASE-T — 10BASE-T1 медиаконвертері
The distributed input/output device (media converter) converts 10BASE-T to 10BASE-T1L Ethernet interfaces.
Power supplied with an external source voltage of 24-48 V or via PoE. When powering several devices from an external source, there is an additional option to connect them via the T-BUS terminal block and supply power to only one device.

PoDL support is optionally available for a distance of up to 1 km via a single-pair cable when directly connected to a powered device. When powered by PoE, the maximum power consumption of devices connected via PoDL is no more than 12W. When powered from an external source, the maximum power consumption of devices connected via PoDL is no more than 30W.

Thanks to its compact housing and DIN rail mounting, the media converter can be installed in small communication cabinets and electrical boxes. There is also an explosion-proof design. Cooling is provided by ventilation holes.

Operating conditions:
• ambient temperature - from minus 30 to plus 55 °C;
• humidity up to 80% at a temperature of 25 °C;
• atmospheric pressure not lower than 60 kPa (450 mm Hg).
The media converter is equipped with LED indication on the front panel.

Galvanic isolation of the error contacts completely eliminates the risk of circuit damage and therefore guarantees the stability of the connection.
  • Type of power supply – from DC mains from 24 to 48V/PoE;

Ethernet 10\100BASE-T port parameters:
• speed –10 Mbit/s;
• connector type for connecting to the channel – RJ-45.
  • Housing protection degree IP20

10BASE-T1L Ethernet port parameters:
• speed –10Mbit/s;
• type of connector for connecting to the channel – terminal.
Құрылғының сипаттамасы
  • Weight – no more than 0.3 kg
  • Overall dimensions – 99.5x112x22.7mm
Weight and dimensions
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