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INSOL NODE | Managed switch
Depending on the version, support for various industrial Ethernet protocols (ModBus-TCP, Insol-Net internal protocol) and the open industrial protocols PROFINET and EtherCAT* is provided.
The functionality of the switch allows for packet prioritization, providing a free time slot for each Insol Net device. Rigid fixation of the polling priority of connected devices preserves the reliability of the main industrial process control algorithm.
This switch is equally convenient to use both in video surveillance systems, with a distance of digital cameras up to 1 km, and in automated control systems for building a distributed information collection and control system.
The modular switch platform can be equipped with modules with various interfaces for connecting external devices.
  • 1 Ethernet 100BASE-T1 port;

  • 7 Ethernet ports 10BASE-T1L with Power over Data Line (PoDL)/48V 30 W per channel;

  • 2 RS-485 ports;

  • 1 RS-232 port;
  • 1 UART port (for connecting an external graphic display);

  • Power supply 24-48V, maximum power consumption 240 Watt

  • Housing protection degree IP20
Insol Node is a managed switch specifically designed for industrial use in the Insol Net system.
General characteristics
Description of the device
  • Weight – no more than 2 kg.
  • Overall dimensions – 165x120x95
Weight and dimensions
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